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Reason for fitful high heeled shoes
Category:Dynamics    2017-07-13 17:15
Some friends would laugh when they saw this title as they would say that I’m fool. Why? We buy a pair of high heeled shoes from women sandals suppliers China, of course, we love it for the color, for the design, for the price, for the ……there are so many factors to decide it.
But! Have you guys ever thought the most important factor is? I think the most answer would be comfortable and fitful! Bought the orange-red patent leather ones a few months ago, but I only wear it once! It hurts my ankle at that time so I drop it no matter how expensive it! Health is the most important thing for us! Finally I got the one I don’t like the color from high heel shoes wholesale but they were so lovely and comfortable that I just bought my 2nd pair of shoes (black this time). I wore these babies to weddings, work, and a holiday party (all of which include a lot of standing, dancing or walking around). The best part-My feet never reach that "take me home!" point.
Now you can see the importance for the fitful high heeled shoes with women casual shoes price. The shoes should have the right combination of style, size print, and heel height to make it work.